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In best MLM business plans, the Unilevel Investment MLM Plan is one of the popular MLM platform which are supportive to network marketing companies and make adjustments to maximize the profits, which mainly helps to generate more indirect income and profitable ROI plans for the MLM companies as well as the investors. The main advantage of the Unilevel Investment Plan MLM Software is to invest once and can earn high profit on a regular basis from this business. The working procedure is simple to start earning and plan offers a gain of monthly based percentage to the down line members on the basis of their investment.

The user can register with the referral sponsor ID and basic details. In the Unilevel Investment Business Compensation Plan the user needs to invest a minimum amount in the admin side i.e., the user needs to choose a pack (different range of amount) at the time of registration. A registered referral will get activated only after a period of 7 days; this gap is for processing the amount credited by the referral person, as there will be n number of referrals joining the system per day. This is the reason for the hold period of 7 days. Similarly this hold of time period applies for all the users. The customer will get 6 level commissions throughout the entire duration of 11 months for user referral (N) numbers of user i.e., each level generates commission for every 11 months for each referrals. The first level commission will be generated to the sponsor person at the time when the referral gets their first ROI and so on. At the end a sponsor gets their last level commission amount at the time when the referral gets their last ROI. We make sure that the customers will get a high return on investment through our MLM software. It is way better than saving money in a bank deposit and safer than investing money in the stock market.

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