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Best Cab Booking Clone Script

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Language: PHP License: Free


This document is prepared by DOD IT Solutions, to give you an idea of how our CAB BOOKING SCRIPT features would be. If you are planning and have idea to become entrepreneur to extend business as a call taxi agent , not to worry that you have chosen and placed self in the right arena .it helps to move to next level in business entrepreneurship and in developing business ideas and solution,to attain target to to the better performance.

Secure Payments
Time Saving
Best 24/7 Customer Support
Booking offers
Alerts Or Notifications
Membership Approval
Payment Integration
User Friendly

Real Time Pricing
Customer Satisfaction
Online Cancellation/Refund
Booking Amendments
Travel Advisory Services
Destination Management
Best Deals Guaranteed
Affiliate Model
Multiple Payment Options

Customer login credentials along with forgot password option.
Personal account details
Email notification
Search option enabled for source city and destination city
Check on available cab details, select desired seat, and boarding point
Send the booked ticket details via SMS
Send the booked ticket details via Email
Can view en-numbers of cab snaps and videos
User Wallet available
Payment Gateway enabled
Print tickets
Check refund status by entering the ticket number

Login credentials
Admin Profile
Agent details to view
Block/unblock agent record
Password change
Cab details to be managed ( add/delete/edit/block/unblock/pagination)
Seat structure designed
Cab images and videos managed
Passenger details managed
Ticket details managed
Seat details managed
Ticket bookings managed
Cancellation managed
Payment details managed
View cab transaction details
Cancelling policies
SMS details managed
Email details managed

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