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On Demand Flower Delivery App

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Clone of: CloneScripts Author: Appdupe
Language: PHP License: Paid

Ways of revenue generation from the flower delivery app:
There are various ways of revenue generation with the flower delivery app. They can be,

Third-party marketing: This way of revenue generation involves posting advertisements in the app. Communicating with third-party members regarding the advertisements and posting them on the app page can add to the revenue.

Featured listings: In the flower delivery app, various flower shops are displayed. The one on the top usually attracts more users’ attention.

Commission from shops and delivery persons: The flower delivery app connects the flower shop with customers. Hence as a token of return, the flower shop pays a certain amount of the payment made by each user as commission to the business owner.

Revenue from personalized gifts and notes: Flowers are delivered as gifts on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This is where personalized gifts and notes play a part. People can send personalized notes to their loved ones.

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